Michael Finney Interview

Interviewer: Thank You Michael for Joining us. How long have you been watching WWE ?

Michael Finney: Oh Gosh, since 1993. I was actually inspired by then world champion Bret The Hitman Hart 

Interviewer: What makes you think the British Bulldog should go in the WWE Hall of Fame ? 

Michael Finney: The British Bulldog was a legend in sports entertainment/Professional wrestling. He help to but the UK on the international platform. First ever WWE European Champion. He sold out Summerslam 1992 on top of other stuff.. 

Interviewer: Thousands of WWE Fans from all over the world and mega Super Stars is backing your fight up. You've done media interviews etc. How as this changed your life  

Michael Finney: it's so weird because I get wrestling fans wanting to add me on social media and I've got celebrities following me on social media and sometimes it can be scary but I enjoy what I do. I certainly don't like doing radio interviews because they are live but I do enjoy what I do. Having support from wrestling fans all over the world is pretty cool and seeing media talking about the campaign and the movement is awesome because i created it all and started it. I'm proud what I've started.

Interviewer: David Hasselhoff, Dean Cain and other Hollywood and British Celebrities including wrestlers has got involved with your work, They are rutting for you. How do you feel about that ?

Michael Finney: it's crazy at the same time it's AWESOME. Every super stars from the United States and the UK as been mega with me and the campaign. Although, it's me that created and started all of this, It's a team that pushed this hard. and I'm proud of everyone including the fans who made a impact on this movement and making history to induct the first ever British WWE Hall of Famer.

Interviewer: You are in connection with wrestling royalty "The Hart Family" what is this like and will you ever be at the Hall of Fame

 Michael Finney: Yes, I've been invited to the WWE Hall of Fame in the United States. I love the Hart Family. I actually call them my wrestling family or my 2nd family. We are close. It's so odd because when I was a child they was my idols and now I'm involved with them. I wouldn't part without them. They make me welcome in their family.

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