Gecolby Wright

I grew up watching Davey Boy during the WWF while he was in the Hart Foundation. I thought he looked so cool with his armbands. I remember I use to imitate him while my mom would tell to stop. Growing up, I would watch his matches in All Japan with the Dynamite Kid as the "British Bulldogs". That where i became a big fan of Davey Boy. That man was so big and agile. I remember watching a match with the Can-Am Express. Davey was doing front flips. I never remember my eyes opened so wide before. Davey is a big influence to younger generations. That's why it is imperative for the WWE to induct Davey Boy Smith into the 2018 HOF. In the sake of British wrestling, by inducting him, we can see wrestlers like, Klondyke Kate, Jimmy Breaks, Johnny Saint, Dynamite Kid, Robbie Brookside, Fit Finlay, Giant Haystacks, Kendo Nagasaki, Big Daddy, Sammy Lee (Tiger Mask), Rollerball Rocco, Lord Steven Regal, and so many others that transcended World of Sports and Pro Wrestling in England. If the WWE wants to enter into the British market on a good note, then they MUST induct Davey Boy Smith, Sr.

Michael Finney

I'm very proud to create the campaign and to be the first one to add my name to our petition. Many Wrestling Fans and Celebrities has joint this campaign from all over the world has been incredible. I've been a huge WWE Fan since 1993 and I am honoured to do something like this for a legend and for a business that I loved my whole life.

British Wrestlers Reunion

Davey Boy Smith was not only a fantastic wrestler known around the World he was a great ambassador for British wrestling wherever he went. Starting in the Halls of the UK DBS went onto main event some of the biggest wrestling events around the World with a great deal of success. The British Wrestlers Reunion are proud of DBS achievements in the ring and support the DBS Campaign to get him inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, something we hope will happen sooner rather than later.

Darren Hackett

Why should the Bulldog be inducted? Well an athlete who rose through the ranks of the uk scene in the 80s, fought in Japan and quickly became a fan favourite. Then became one of the most dominant tag team and single competitors in the US. Still to this day remembered and recognised for his in-ring talent and historic matches with Warlord, Undertaker, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Shawn Michaels just to name afew. He proved that if you put in the time and effort, no matter your background, the world can be yours, and he succeeded. Vote for the Bulldog for the Hall Of Fame. #HoundsOfTheBulldog